Australian Story: Limbo Land

Australian Story – Limbo Land tells the story of Pat Murphy, a farmer whose property is next door to the Whitehaven/Maules Creek open cut coal mine near Narrabri in northwest NSW.

When the NSW government approved the coal mine, they failed to set air pollution limits to protect the mine's closest neighbours.

As a result, Pat, his wife and their four young children regularly experience clouds of coal dust and other toxic pollution. Environmental Justice Australia has supported Pat in his battle to stop the mine from contaminating the air their local community breathes.

Don't miss this moving account of what it's like to live with dangerous air pollution and government inaction.

More than 3000 Australians a year die from air pollution related illness. Our system is failing people like Pat - that's why we are helping communities around Australia to fight for better clean air laws.

Please ADD YOUR VOICE to our petition calling on ministers at state and federal level for real action to protect our clean air.


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