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Coal-fired power generators: Polluting, toxic and unregulated

Burning coal to generate electricity is the opposite of ‘clean’. Australia’s power stations are old, inefficient and highly polluting. Even if the entire fleet was replaced with ‘ultra supercritical’ coal technology, emissions would be reduced by just 25%. This won’t happen, for economic reasons (renewables are cheaper). » Read more

Victorian EPA reforms must grant community better access to air quality monitoring data

The harmful impact of air pollution on human health is well known. The Victorian community has no way of knowing what pollution and air quality trends are, and cannot independently investigate whether big polluters are complying with their emissions license conditions. Victoria needs access to air quality monitoring data similar to New South Wales.  » Read more

A national framework to prevent air pollution: How Commonwealth leadership can protect the health of all Australians

Each year more than 3000 Australians die premature deaths from air pollution. Many thousands more live with diseases caused by, or made worse by, air pollution such as asthma, respiratory illnesses, and lung cancer. » Read more

Australian Story: Limbo Land

Australian Story – Limbo Land tells the story of Pat Murphy, a farmer whose property is next door to the Whitehaven/Maules Creek open cut coal mine near Narrabri in northwest NSW. » Read more

National Pollutant Inventory Recap

It was a big week in the fight for clean air.  The National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) is an annual set of data about pollution released in the last year. It is not perfect, as it's self-reported by industry and not audited, but it is one of the most comprehensive sources of data we have in the fight for clean air.  » Read more

Meeting with the NSW Environment Minister's People

Air quality is a “high priority” of the NSW government, but no promises for action – yet.  Phil Hill, our Clean Air Lawyer, recently met with Bran Black (Chief of Staff) and Christian Dunk (Policy Advisor) from Mark Speakman’s office. Mr Speakman is the New South Wales Environment Minister.  » Read more

NSW Environment Minister’s statement on 2015 pollution levels renews calls for Commonwealth oversight

The ‘Air Quality Statement’ issued overnight by NSW Environment Minister Mark Speakman has been rejected as ‘spin’ by Environmental Justice Australia who are calling for national air pollution laws and oversight. » Read more

New air pollution standards: The good, the bad, and the not strong enough

Tuesday 15 December 2015 was an important day for clean air. Australia’s nine environment ministers met to decide on new national air pollution standards for coarse particles (PM10) and fine particles (PM2.5). » Read more

Report: Australians worried about coal pollution health impacts

New polling has found that most Australians believe that coal mining doesn’t stack up against the health impacts on the community. The report, based on a survey of 1,507 Australians from across the nation, showed that about half of respondents feel state and federal governments are taking too long to address the harmful health impacts of coal pollution, such as air pollution. » Read more

NSW Environment Minister urged to control air pollution in 2016

An analysis of air pollution monitoring by the New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority during 2015 has identified several locations where particle pollution concentrations exceed the national standards.  » Read more