Climate and Health Alliance

The Climate and Health Alliance is an alliance of stakeholders in the health sector who wish to see the threat of climate change addressed through prompt policy action.

National Pollutant Inventory Recap

On Friday April 15th, we were taken by surprise at the abrupt release of this year’s NPI data. We had expected the release a few weeks earlier but unexplained delays left us uncertain about when it would be made available. Immediately, we jumped into action and spent the weekend finding...


Latest national air pollution data shows dangerous hikes in emissions

Just released annual air pollution data shows yet another hike in air pollution across Australia, with the coal industry the top contributor, indicating a failure of federal and state regulation which is creating a significant burden for community health and costing taxpayers an estimated $11-24.3 billion each year, according to...


Volkswagen diesel deceit: Health and environment leaders call for action

MARK COLVIN: The implications of Volkswagen's global exhaust emissions deception are still unfolding in Australia.  The company has admitted that it fitted software into 11 million diesel cars worldwide to bypass pollution tests. Australia's Greens leader says it's a serious breach and the Government needs to do more to address...


Health and environment groups call for national Air Pollution Prevention Act to reverse dangerous increases in air pollution

The groups (1) are calling for an independent regulator to enforce national standards and ensure hefty penalties for polluters which breach pollution controls, as well as to ensure proper pollution monitoring and data collection. New analysis of the latest annual National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) data(2), and mapping of...


Backgrounder: National Pollutant Inventory data

  • Coal is the dominant source of PM10 emissions nationally.  During the last five years, coarse particle pollution (PM10) from coal mines has increased by 107%, primarily as a result of increased production from existing mines.
  • Many coal fired power stations have increased their particle pollution. In Victoria’s...