Local Air Pollution Monitoring

New South Wales

The NSW EPA has Australia’s most extensive and up-to-date air pollution website. It is simple to download monitoring data for any or all monitoring of the state’s 45 sites for pollutants of interest.


The Qld EPA has 28 monitoring stations in SE Qld, Gladstone, Townsville, Mackay and Mt Isa. It is not straightforward to access monitoring data. The best option is to search for ‘air quality’ at Queensland Government Data

For assistance accessing monitoring data, contact Dave Wainwright (Department of Science Information Technology and Innovation): david.wainwright@dsiti.qld.gov.au


It is not straightforward to access data for the 15 monitoring stations maintained by the Victorian EPA. Monthly reports are published as pdfs and data is not readily available in csv or Excel format. Data takes several months (as much as a year) to be published on the VEPA website.

1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) For assistance accessing monitoring data, contact Jason Choi (Vic EPA) Jason.Choi@epa.vic.gov.au

Western Australia

It is not straightforward to access air pollution monitoring data for the 13 sites maintained by the DER, and can be expensive. It is necessary to complete an information request form.

For assistance accessing monitoring data, contact Arthur Grieco (Department of Environment Regulation) Arthur.Grieco@DER.wa.gov.au

South Australia

It is not straightforward to access data for the 10 monitoring stations maintained by the EPA South Australia. Not all pollutants are monitored at each site (only 4 monitor PM2.5). The EPA website provides a summary of the latest 24 hours of monitoring, but the summary lacks the necessary information to allow accurate interpretation.
For longer term data sets, it is necessary to search for ‘air quality’ on the Data SA site and download separate csv files for each monitoring site. Up to date data is often unavailable (up to 12 months).
For larger data sets, make a written request specifying the pollutants, locations and time period to Trinh Tran, Senior Scientific Officer, Air Monitoring, EPA South Australia Trinh.Tran@sa.gov.au


For help obtaining and interpreting air quality monitoring data, contact: John Innis, Senior Scientific Officer (Air Monitoring Coordinator), Scientific and Technical Branch, EPA Division, Level 7, 134 Macquarie St Hobart TAS 7001. Ph. 03 6165 4609 / john.innis@environment.tas.gov.au

Australian Capital Territory

Although hourly data is easily accessible, it is not straightforward to access data from ACT monitoring sites dating back in terms of weeks, months or years.

Northern Territory

Data for the two monitoring sites maintained by the NT EPA are available at the following link. Due to a strange set-up involving their URL, it is not possible to link to their air quality map. However, there is a very clear menu to the left of the page to access the map.

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  • commented 2015-12-06 14:41:55 +1100
    The DustTrak monitor (calibrated for woodsmoke) in Armidale, NSW (pop 22,000) showed 34 exceedances of the 25 ug/m3 PM2.5 standard from 24 May to 15 Sept 2015. woodsmoke.3sc.net/mining shows a graph of PM2.5 pollution in Armidale and in the mining town of Muswellbrook (that supplies coal to 2 power stations generating enough electricity for 3.25 million homes).
    Sign the petition at http://tinyurl.com/EnvMinMtng to lobby for better air quality standards.