Please take action on air pollution

AIR POLLUTION: “Headaches. Runny nose. Stinging, sore eyes.”…“This can’t be good.”…Check out this hard hitting new video about living with air pollution. On 15 December we’ve got a chance to get real action on air pollution, when environment ministers meet in Canberra to announce new air pollution standards. MAKE THEM LISTEN. Share widely and sign the petition at

Coal dust threatens farm family


Pat Murphy is a farmer and father of four young girls. Like all youngsters, the girls love to play outdoors – but Pat’s farm is right beside the Maules Creek coal mine near Gunnedah in New South Wales.

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West is the best , except for the air

Will.jpgWhen Sam McArthur moved to Melbourne’s inner west in 1996, she felt like a pioneer. ‘Back then, not many people I knew could see how great the West was. I laugh about it now, but I had friends saying “We’ll never visit you, it’s too far away”.’

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Train danger uncovered in the coal corridor


Charlotte McCabe worries every day about what coal dust is doing to her kids. ‘We know there are these fine particles in the air all the time around the kids. We have a 4 year old and a 13 month old. All the parents are really worried about what they are exposing their kids to.’

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